Making Users Super Admins

  • You now have more than one member in your organization: great! Now it’s time to delegate some of the responsibility. 

  • Making users Super Admins gives them the highest level of access and control over your organization including all administrative settings (billing, authentication, message and file retention policies, etc.). We recommend larger teams have more than one Super Admin.

  • In order to make a user a Super Admin, first they will have to accepted an invitation from your organization and logged into at least one application (you’ll know this as their username in the contacts list will no longer be greyed out). Once the user is active, click on the Settings cog in the top right of the screen. Scroll down a bit -- you will see this screen: 

  • Once you reach the Admin tab shown above, click on the “Admin Settings” button. That will take you to this screen: 

  • Under the Permissions tab, select the button that reads, “User Permissions”. That will take you to this screen:

  • Click on the button for the “Super Admin” group. Notice the checkmark next to your name noting that you’re already a Super Admin. Simply select which users you would like to add to the Super Admin group. That will place a tentative blue checkmark next to their name, as seen in the following image:

  • Click the “save” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • Once you get back to the main page, you’ll see this confirmed again: the member of your team that you made a Super Admin now has the tag “Super Admin” under their name. 

  • Congratulations! You now have more than one Super Admin on your team. We highly recommend that all Super Admins keep their recovery key information in a safe place.